Our services

1.Bespoke collections booked online or over the phone

Get your unwanted clothes collected at the day and time that suits YOU and help a good cause!

If you missed a charity collection, if you don’t like leaving your staff outside, if collectors missed your bag or if you are clearing up your wardrobe – log on to or call us on 0844 879 4417.  It’s easy, simple, fast and secure, and you can choose the charity to donate your clothing to from the list of our supported charities.  We will arrange the collection of your unwanted clothing, 1 bag or 100!

 2.Fundraising services for charities through door-to-door collections of unwanted clothes

If your charitable organisation is a well established, trusted and reputable body, if it needs some additional funds without any hassle and any investment, we can organise the door-to-door collections of unwanted clothing and footwear nationwide.

We will:

  • Negotiate the best rate for your charity
  • Design and print the collections literature
  • Organise all compulsory documentation for collections (including House to House collections licenses from local authorities)
  • Distribute the collections literature through letter boxes of residents in chosen areas
  • Collect and store clothing donations
  • Organise sales of all items collected
  • Transfer the agreed amount straight onto your charity’s bank account without any delays.

We have the full telephone and online support of collections, so you will not have to deal with any aspects of the above.

Our service is free for charities and will not require any investment from the charity.

Requirements to the applicant charities:

  • UK registered
  • Good reputation among donors
  • Genuine and constant charitable activity

Interested? Please contact us on for additional information.

3. Collection of unwanted clothing from schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and other institutions

Raise some funds for a charity of your choice or for your institution and help the environment at the same time! We will raise as much as £500 per each tonne of clothing collected at your institution, the cheque and the participation Certificate will be sent to you after weighing the clothing collected. A fundraising event with no hassle, little effort and great money raised!

Would you like to organise a fundraising event for a charity of your choice in your school, college, office, club, pub, church or just in your local community through the collection of bags of unwanted clothes and shoes? We are here to help!

Please contact us and we will arrange a bespoke collection of unwanted clothes and footwear in your establishment. Our bespoke collections team will come at the day agreed, collect all donated items and the charity of your choice will receive as much as £500 from each tonne of clothing and footwear collected at the day of the bespoke collection! This is a simple and an efficient way to support your chosen charity and to give a second life to your unwanted clothing which will be reused.

If you would like to organise a bespoke collection for a charity of your choice, please email us on for more details.